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What clients have said about Daniel and his work for them and their loved ones...

I highly recommend the services of Attorney Daniel Baltuch, who handled the Estate and affairs of my mother from the onset of sudden emergency and serious illness to unsuccessful rehabilitation and then to long term care in a nursing home.  Unfortunately, my mother's condition deteriorated over a three-year period until her death.  The upside of the situation was Daniel Baltuch, who with compassionate precision, helped our family navigate all of the complex issues and requirements of government and private regulations, which we could never have accomplished without his expert assistance and intervention.  It should be noted that my mother had never established any sort of estate planning prior to her illness.  It was Daniel who listened, gave advice and put in place all that was needed during a very difficult time for us all.  If you or your loved ones are in need of legal advice and/or Estate Planning, you have already achieved success in hiring his firm. 


K.L. Calhoun

I just want to say thank you so much for all of your help with my mother.... It was a very stressful time in my life and you were perfect for me when I needed it.


Daniel did a wonderful job handling my parents estate affairs. He worked hard to turn documents around quickly, made calls and connected with the right people to get forms sent to me for signatures - my part was effortless. He was especially great at negotiating for decisions to be made in my favor. I felt like I could count on him to make things happen. He was also easily accessible, quick to reply to emails/phone calls and incredibly efficient, getting work completed very quickly. Daniel also does a nice job explaining complicated legal language, spelling out concepts in laymen's language so I was always completely on board with what we were doing. All-in-all - Daniel was a pleasure to work with.


Daniel Baltuch can best be described in three words...integrity, knowledge, and organization. Oh...a fourth word...genuine!  I hired Daniel to help me consolidate and create a working financial and legal plan of action when my elderly mother was entering an assisted living facility. There are many factors to consider other than the obvious last will and testament. Daniel is an amazing resource for all that needs to be done in the last chapter of someone's life. 

Daniel treated my mother with dignity, respect and as his client, even though i was making most of the decisions. He helped us organize her legal and financial documents with incredible attention to detail and was accessible to me whenever I had questions. Additionally, Daniel spoke to every person associated with my mother ( accountant, financial advisor etc...) to ensure that all t's were crossed and i's dotted. 

Daniel is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly to anyone looking for elder law advice.

Donna S.

I was referred to Dan for elder advice.  He gave me many options to help with my mother.  Unfortunately I witnessed emotional, verbal, and financial abuse from a sibling toward my mother.  Dan walked me through, step by step, with the best choice of guardian of my mother.  Dan and I stay in contact.  He is not just a lawyer, he is personable and compassionate.  Now I will be using Dan again for another issue.  I would recommend his services to anyone who needs help pertaining to the elderly. 

Denise Drybala

Daniel Baltuch was both professional and approachable in his discussions about elder law and later in life planning concerns that we considered for my father. I felt as though we could work together as colleagues to find helpful solutions that suited our needs.

My 83 year old unmarried brother who lived in NYC for the last 45 years was experiencing financial and cognitive problems. My wife and I brought him into our home in Wynnewood, Pa in June, 2016. Daniel explained in detail what was needed in order to get Medicaid for him so that if and when the time came he could be admitted into a nursing home. I was unable to get the many documents that would support our claim that my brother was penniless because my brother had not filed taxes for several years, was completely unorganized, never held onto any paperwork, and was suffering dementia. The gov't however, needed proof. Daniel was like a bloodhound tracking down bank records, brokerage accounts, etc. By the time all the paperwork had been gathered, there must have been well over 1000 pages. Daniel sorted through all of this, never complained, never up charged me, and was successful in getting my brother Medicaid and in discussing options for my brothers' long term care. That's 5 stars for me.


Steve Yassky

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