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About what we do
and our client-centered approach

Protecting the assets of elders from the high costs of long term care

Long term care can be extremely expensive. Daniel uses proven strategies to help protect his clients’ life savings from these financially devastating expenses. He assists individuals and families at all phases of the long term care process, from advanced financial planning to paying for immediate care needs to qualifying and applying for Medicaid.

The earlier an individual or family starts planning financially for potential long term care, the more assets they can protect. Daniel helps individuals and families who are thinking about their future with proactive asset protection planning.

Daniel also helps clients who are already in a long term care facility or are already using long term care services. In such cases, Daniel assists clients to save as many of their assets as possible, and to qualify and apply for Medicaid to cover their long term care costs.

Some of the other areas of elder law in which Daniel practices include: veterans aid and attendance, guardianships, powers of attorney, advanced directives, living wills, trusts, and tax and estate planning for elders.

Working together to achieve client goals

Daniel often meets with clients in their home or nursing home, which is generally easier and more comfortable for clients. Daniel guides his clients and their families through the legal maze by first helping them to identify their needs and goals. Then Daniel works together with clients and families to craft a plan to achieve those goals. Sometimes, for example, a plan will involve one or more trusts, sometimes gifts to family or to charities, sometimes creative problem-solving, and most frequently a combination of many elements.

But always, regardless of the details of the plan or the nature of the decisions, sensitivity to the client’s comfort, dignity, and well-being come first. When clients and their families feel confident and secure in their plan and in their decisions – and see them working well – Daniel knows he has done his job.

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